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Our Favourite African Beauty Brands - Perfect for Winter Skin

Our Favourite African Beauty Brands - Perfect for Winter Skin

Living in the UK we are very familiar with the cold and wet weather and are always on stand by with an umbrella and a warm scarf! We easily neglect taking care of what is under our layers of clothes, our skin! So what better time to introduce you to our favourite African beauty products that will keep your skin moisturised and glowing this winter.

Always consider your skin as a blank canvas that needs to be clean and free from any imperfection before applying any type of moisturiser. The first step for soft and glowing skin is to exfoliate to get rid of any impurities. This is why I am obsessed with African Botanics Marula Detoxifying Salt and Sugar Body Scrub. Heaven in a jar!

This body scrub is perfect for eliminating dead skin cells and rough patches using its rich African Marula oil mixed with grape seed, baobab and melon seed oils. Marula oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants which will not only leave your skin flawless but it also highly moisturising.

If you want to spoil yourself this Christmas, I highly recommend Emmaus, a great brand that uses natural ingredients that are scientifically formulated to produce the results you expect from quality skincare. Emmaus Softness Bliss lotion is perfect for extremely dry skin and eczema. Containing coconut, grape seed and sunflower oils this lotion hydrates and restores the skin's natural moisture and smells gorgeous!

Another of my favourite skincare secrets is the Polyanthus Whipped Body Butter from Malee. Inspired by the short living African night flowers that sometimes only bloom for a single night, this product is amazing for hydrating your skin through the cold breeze this winter. Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and B6, this product is a lightweight cream for those that are not into heavy body butter but still want something that will deeply condition the skin.

I recently came across Savon Stories, a Moroccan/Ghanian brand, which is now part of my strict daily beauty regime. Savon Stories specialises in organic handmade castile soaps, cold-processed skin-food, herbal remedies and aromatherapy, and a range of organic cosmetics.  Using cold-processing methods ensures the oils properties are preserved to feed and moisturise the skin. I am using their facial wash, followed by the Argan oil every day and my skin glows, feels soft, healthy and clean.

 Using ingredients as coconut or Argan oil, Shea butter and castor oil as well as organic geranium and mandarin essential oils, is a great way to enrich and moistures your skin in this harsh weather. So check out these brands if you are after a little treat for yourself or a loved one.

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