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White on white is hard to get right - here's how the Greeks do it!

White on white is hard to get right - here's how the Greeks do it!

As you may know, I am currently vacating in sunny Greece. The weather is marvellous and the sea varies  between bright turquoise and deep blue, depending on the time of the day and the depth of the ocean. Pure paradise!

As beautiful, varied and inspiring the Greek landscape is Greek architecture, especially the typical Cycladic style with its white and exteriors and simple, but often stylish interiors are some of my favourites in the word. White works perfectly as a backdrop to the blue sky and sea, as well as having a cooling and calming effect in the often so hot and humid summer climate.

White makes any room feel more spacious and often seems clean and structured, but can seem clinical and cold, when used wrongly.

When putting together a white-on-white scheme in your home, whether in plain white or shaded whites white such a Jasmine White or Pearl White, make sure you add texture and accessories to avoid a clinical feel. I love mixing Moroccan rugs or typically Greek flokati rugs with velvets, lacquer or whitewashed wood to achieve a more dynamic feel. Scatter cushions also work well n white on white interiors. You can either opt for colourful, patterned ones to make a statement or stick to plain ones in natural colours, as long as they have some texture.

Lighting also plays a crucial role when putting together a white scheme. Make sure you use warm lighting such as chandeliers and mood lighting. Natural candles also work well and give a warm and cosy atmosphere. I love using traditional glass lanterns.

And when in Greece, do as the Greeks do and make the best of your view, be it a stunning sea view or rustic Olive gardens, the exterior often speaks for itself and makes your job on the inside even easier and more beautiful.


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