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How to Add Colour To Your Bathroom

How to Add Colour To Your Bathroom

Our motto at Eva Sonaike is ‘Bringing Colour to Life’ which reflects our passion for colourful living. Many people apply this motto to their homes, however, often all of this goes overboard when it comes to the bathroom! There is no better place than the bathroom to take a chance with colour, whether you like your hues bold and vibrant or subdued and soft.

We often forget that bathrooms actually have a very dynamic purpose within the household. It is where we go to energise, as well as relax and ’make-up’ as well as ‘clean-off’. It is the most intimate space of the house and the place where we can go for some 'me time' away from the rest of the world.

Here are some tips on how to add colour and personality to your bathroom to create a space to indulge in.


When it comes to the bathroom, white walls or tiles (even brilliant white) can work well as a base colour. Your bathroom should feel crisp and clean and plain white is the perfect backdrop. BUT this is only a backdrop!  Give your bathroom a striking appearance with the addition of some colourful patterns, which can be tiles or wallpaper; this can really bring an otherwise neutral suite to life.

Wallpaper in your bathroom may not sound like an obvious choice, but there are some beautiful washable bathroom wallpapers available, which make great feature walls in the bathroom.

If you prefer coloured tiles, choose good quality ones, as you want them to last and shine after many years of usage. Tiles are a great way to introduce as much or as little colour as you want. You can try a whole bathroom with glazed tiles (I love glazed Moroccan tiles), or just a border to make a subtle statement.



The next step is to add accessories, which play a big part in your bathroom design, so make sure that towels, bathroom mats and laundry baskets work with the colour scheme (they can be complementing OR contrasting!) of your bathroom to complete that look you want!


Plants are also a great way to organically add colour to your bathroom scheme. Lucky bamboos bring a sense of freshness to your sanctuary and colourful orchids, which thrive in the humidity, are a great way to add bold colour,s texture and life to help create a refreshing environment.


If you want to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom then invest in some great flooring. My personal favourite is marble floors. Marble adds texture and colour (see below) and always adds a super elegant touch to any room. Wooden flooring is also a great way for a Scandinavian sleek look.

Don’t forget that one colour or a simple colour scheme should serve as a unifying factor throughout your design. The bathroom is a calming space and it should not be too electric.

We hope these beautiful images will inspire you to transform your bathroom into a colour-infused sanctuary.

And if yo need more information on how to add colour to your home, download our FREE COLOUR GUIDE with tips and tricks for easy colourful living.

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