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Designer Profile: Something Blue Home

Designer Profile: Something Blue Home

Inspiring interiors are something I never get bored with. So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across the Instagram feed of Something Blue Home by Angie Barron this summer, which features a beautiful period home that is almost entirely designed in, you guess….the colour blue. You many think a mono-tone scheme this is overpowering or boring, but in this case, it is the absolute opposite. Angie's home makes you feel nurtured, restored and comforted. I hopped on a call with Angie a few weeks back and she told me more about the inspiration behind her gorgeous blue home.

Hello Angie, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, I am Angie, and I am an interior stylist with a penchant for bold and colourful interiors. My home is a shade of blue feast which I share snippets of and other lifestyle bites over on my Instagram page called Something Blue Home. My eclectic style mixes the house’s Edwardian Period heritage with bold colour, beautiful artwork and traditional elements.

I eat, breathe and sleep interiors and I’ve just launched my virtual interior styling & e-design support service, having previously worked for a large international interior design studio. My service is for DIY renovators and colour lovers who are looking to add some vibrancy into their homes.


Tell me about your love of blue and why you have decided to dedicate this colour to your entire home.

For as long as I can remember, my parents have collected blue and white export china and I guess from there I became accustomed to seeing blue and loving it around the house. I also like to wear a lot of navy; I wear navy like most people wear black. There is just something so delicious and enchanting about blue...

I took a holiday to Mykonos in Greece some years back, and I was just bowled over by this Cyclades island... the blue and white houses, the gorgeous colour of the Aegean Sea and the blue of the Greek sky! Divine! I guess for me there’s just something very uplifting and alluring about the colour blue.

The thing is I love colour, not just blue, but all colours. I find colour incredibly effective in creating different moods in the home. In my home, I have gone for the darker, richer, inkier blues because they create the most beautiful and cocooning atmosphere which is always the look I want to create in a room! When we first moved in, all the walls were magnolia and I could not wait to get the paintbrush out to transform them. I do like neutrals – it’s just that I need to feel a certain way when I am in my home and I create that feeling through bold colour, mood lighting and lots of texture!

Do you have any tips on how you use colours to highlight your rooms?

I believe you should always start with how you want to feel in that room. What is the feeling that you are trying to create? Do you want to be snug and cosy? Or minimal and bright? It is always about a feeling. That’s when you can then take the colour wheel and look at the colours that you like and then what compliments those colours. Then you have to see how that colour(s) behaves in the room with the light. You must sample the paint and ensure that you can see how it changes with the light, where the light is coming from and how it makes you feel. Be patient. Don’t rush it. Lastly, it’s only paint so if you find that you’ve changed your mind or don’t like it then you can just paint it out!


What is your favourite room in the house?

The blue panelled room! It feels very grand but yet it still feels quite laid back. We have a 125-year-old piano and our formal dining table – which folds down completely when it’s not being used. It doubles up as a music room, dining room and even a games room sometimes. It has modern as well as antique pieces that blend well together. The curved sofa is a bespoke piece that I love -- it’s sleekness and smooth velvet pops against the very dark matte blue walls. I like to blend different styles as I feel this is what makes a house a home and gives it character.


What is your advice on finding your style?

When trying to find your style always remember that it is your house, your space and it doesn’t matter if it is too dark or too bright for your neighbours, friends or family. Don’t worry about that. Focus on what brings you joy and makes you happy. Focus on how you want to feel in your home. Yes, there are trends but try not to be led completely by trends as these will eventually get swapped out when the trend fades. Your home is your sanctuary and safe place so it is important that you feel comfortable and you choose colours and features that make you happy. I still get a buzz of joy whenever I see our yellow painted bannister!

Look for sources of inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and even your surroundings, I find inspiration in everything and then I think about how I can make it more personal and unique! It is very easy to get overwhelmed on Instagram and Pinterest with the visual feast of interiors and colours – my advice is to take the inspiration and then find a way to make it unique in a way that speaks to you.


Amazing, thank you very much for your time, Angie. Please tell our readers where they can find out more about you.

You can find me over on Instagram - and more about my services on my website.

Don’t you love how this fits in with our motto Bringing Colour to Life! And I could not agree more: your home has to be right for you and only you can judge how this looks like.

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