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How To Style Your Home Using Grey

How To Style Your Home Using Grey

Now that we are in September, one of my favourite month in the year where the summer period comes to an end and the cosy autumn season begins, I decided to feature a colour that many of us associate with dreariness and sadness or find it rather boring and plain: Lamproom Grey.

Despite being a colour addict, I love this soft and calm hue by Farrow & Ball, which according to the Dorset based paint and wallpaper company is ‘A match to the original white which had dirtied down due to the trimming of lamp wicks.” How amazing is this?

It’s warmth  and subtleness reminds me of a cosy autumn evening in the Victorian era when most houses were lit by candles and oil lamps and interior fittings included chandeliers and sconces.

Grey is a neutral colour, so it doesn’t have a ‘personality’ of its own. Given it is virtually absent of colour (it is a mixture of black and white), it draws no attention to itself, it keeps its distance and remains separate.

So Lamproom Grey is a perfect backdrop to experiment with bold, vibrant and strong colours such as hot pink, bright yellow or rich purple. It offers a soothing and cooling, yet welcoming presence for any room.

If this is too bold for you, why not try combining your grey interiors with soft pastel shades such as pink, mint green to light yellow. This will  create a sophisticated style whilst playing it safe.

But when it comes to decorating with grey, it takes a little bit of playing around to become familiar with how to use this colour properly in interiors. Best is to think about the mood that you want to create and then find the right combination of colours and textures to make grey work to create this specific mood.

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Beautiful combination of grey and pink in this Parisian living room photographed by Jean Marc Palisse

Love this dressing room by Abigail Ahern

Pink curtains bring a feminine touch to this bedroom. Styled by Lizzie Carney

A great way to add a bold statement using yellow and grey, which is featured on Creative Home Company.

A touch of pink makes this bathroom pop! Styled by Alx Interiors

Love the combination of grey and orange in this living room featured on Desire to Inspire

A perfect example on how to layer colours with grey, styled by Kishani Perera

Obsessed with this eccentric living room by John David Edison Interiors

Grey will make any colour pop, simplicity at its best. Featured on Living Etc

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