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Amanda Nisbet's Manhattan Townhouse

Amanda Nisbet's Manhattan Townhouse

We here at Eva Sonaike are obsessed with colour, how it affects your mood and how it can reinvent a room, which is why Amanda Nisbet is one of our favourite interior designers. Being one of New York’s most individual and distinctive designers, her appreciation and love of colour attracted us into looking deeper into the elegant homes she has designed over the years.

Mixing contemporary with traditional, Nisbet brings rooms to life whilst still retaining their functionality. She explains: “When designing a space the very first thing I think about is the mood of the room.  Depending on the function and needs of my client, I question how we want to experience the room, how do we want to feel when we are in it?”

One of our favourite homes designed by Nisbet is this bright and bold Manhattan Townhouse, with its canary yellow custom curtains and 1940s French chandelier in the style of Curtis Jere. This townhouse showcases how to make a punching statement by using striking colours.

Nisbet describes this project as being one of the most daring and we can certainly say that we love her colour choices that reflect our motto ‘Bringing Colour to Life’.

The green malachite linen that Nisbet painted with black lacquer to upholster the vintage armchairs adds a dramatic touch to the room. While the glass and copper tubing table by Paul Loebach, placed in-between the armchairs, tones down the colours and creates a vibe.


This Manhattan townhouse oozes elegance and style while at the same time being chic and playful. Nisbet's colour palette is a great choice for anyone who is looking to experiment and create an environment that captures people's attention.

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