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November: Moroccan Red

November: Moroccan Red

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We are in November, the year is nearly over and I am desperate for some summer heat. Those who know me, know that I detest winter or anything to do with cold weather. Snow is my enemy! So in order to heat things up a little, we are featuring Moroccan Red this month. I need it! I recently attended a colour seminar at KLC in Chelsea Harbour where I learned some very interesting facts about red. Red is a stimulating, passionate, rich and warm colour, which raises temperature and generally increases blood pressure. Red rooms have the physiological ability to make you feel 5 to 7 degrees warmer as rooms in cooler colour schemes. That’s incredible, isn't it! Therefore warmer colours, such as red and orange are good during economic downturns as they make you feel more settled, save and secure. When researching different shades of red for this month’s feature, Moroccan Red by Benjamin Moore caught my attention, because of its calmness and richness. It is a warm and very elegant red, but has a soft, almost powdery touch to it, which feels as if a bit of red clay was added to it. If you are brave enough, Moroccan Red works very well as a main colour in a room, as long as you play by the rules and consider lighting, texture and decoration. As it is a very dramatic, colour you have to keep your surroundings simple. Moroccan Red also works well as an accent colour, as it makes a statement of its own. Scatter cushions, lamps, rugs and wall hangings make a great impact in Moroccan Red. But my favourite solution is to paint one accent wall in Moroccan Red and keep the rest in off-white, which is just enough to bring energy and warmth to a room. I also love Moroccan Red in fashion, as it makes dressing up so simple yet elegant. A red jacket like the Lanvin peplum jacket, a red pair of shoes, such as the pair of hot Christian Louboutin boots, the red Chloe bag or the red Nars ‘Morocco’ lipstick - all on our mood board above, are on my wishlist for 2013 . Red is chic, red is hot and red is sexy!

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