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Why Lilac is One of My Favourite Colours in Design

Why Lilac is One of My Favourite Colours in Design

Are you bored of browsing through shades of white and cream for your interior design projects? Let me share why lilac is not just a favourite of mine but a choice that can elevate your home’s design palette.

Lilac is a soft, versatile shade that carries the essence of both spring's vitality and the calm of a serene summer's evening. Its connection to the natural elegance of wisteria and lilac trees, brings a unique blend of tranquillity and organic beauty to any space.

In colour psychology, lilac is often associated with spirituality, nostalgia, and peace—qualities that make a house feel like a home.

The Spaciousness of Lilac in Design

Beyond its visual appeal, lilac plays a fascinating role in our perception of space due to its colour weight.

Choosing the right wall colour is crucial to creating a sense of space. While darker tones like mahogany and navy may make a room feel smaller due to their ‘heavier’ colour weight, lilac achieves the opposite. It’s a fantastic alternative to typical neutrals, adding colour without overwhelming the senses, allowing a room to breathe, feel open and airy.

A Cultural Celebration in Lilac Hues

In my design work, I’ve always been inspired by my West African heritage, and with lilac being one of my all-time favourite colours, I have integrated this is many of my collections, including a range of lilac wallpapers.

The Alafia wallpaper in purple, from my Kano collection, uses a lilac batik texture and bold geometric designs for a cool yet calming effect.

In the 'Odi' and 'Ala' wallpapers, I embraced the principles of Tropical Modernism. This architectural style is celebrated for its embrace of light colours, open spaces, and tropical integration, which I've captured in these wallpapers’ designs.

The 'Asa' wallpaper, a favourite of mine that graces my own bedroom, is inspired by West African batik methods, exuding elegance and calm that greet me every morning in my own bedroom. 

Eva’s CP Hart Bathroom Collaboration: A Lilac and Green Haven

In my room set collaboration with C.P. Hart, housed in their flagship Waterloo showroom, I am drawing inspiration from the picturesque beach houses along West Africa’s lush Atlantic coast and the clean lines of mid-century architecture, this collaboration is a perfect embodiment of Tropical Modernism. It features the lilac 'Odi' wallpaper, which beautifully complements the green tiles, contributing to the space’s tropical and luxurious atmosphere.

Why Lilac is Poised to be a New Neutral

To sum up and to my liking, lilac is more than an alternative to white and cream; it's a colour that embodies growth, luxury, and peace. Its lighter colour weight allows for roomier-feeling spaces, and its adaptability in various design contexts makes it a sophisticated and timeless choice. Lilac isn’t just a passing trend—it's a new neutral that's here to stay in the world of interior design and I hope that you will learn to love and embrace it fully.

For a touch of serenity and organic charm, explore our full range of lilac products that promise to infuse your home with tranquil elegance.

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