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June: Jasmine White

June: Jasmine White

acw: Hermes Constance Bag, Jasmine Flowers, White Arm Chair, Chloe Swimsuit, Charlotte Olympia Love Dolly, True Grace Candle, Target Towels, Rideau Mirror, Maison Martin Margiela Ostrich Egg, Temperley London, OKA Tripod Lamp

Welcome to the beautiful month of June and my sincerest apologies for posting this blog post so late. I initially planned to dedicate this month to a different colour, but made a last minute ad-hoc decision to go for Jasmine White. You may ask yourself, why does she go for a calm shade of white (which is not even considered a colour) after talking for months about how colour can affect your life and how we all need to live ‘colour-fully’? I am currently residing on the beautiful island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea. If you have not been here yet, I highly recommend a trip down here, as it is one of Greece’s greenest islands and the sea and scenery are breathtaking! So, when I arrived from London last week and got to my house, I was overwhelmed by the sweet and mesmerizing scent of the jasmine bush in the garden. No need for scented candles or room sprays here! The whole house is filled with the aroma of pure jasmine! And to be honest, we had some great colours here over the last months, but I feel it is time to give you a little break and enjoy the calmness and versatility of this beautiful shade of white. It makes my job much easier too, because Jasmine White fits into every house, onto every wall and into every wardrobe. It is much softer and less harsh that plain white and therefore a favourite of many. I especially like Jasmine White as part of my summer wardrobe.  You can never go wrong with it. It is a true classic combined with denim and simple gold jewellery and looks great with any colour of your choice. And of course Jasmine White makes the perfect colour for a wedding dress. (Please brides-to-be, don’t go for crisp white dresses, they are too harsh for most skin tones. A slight off-white dress looks better on most of us and makes your teeth appear whiter too!) In interiors Jasmine White is so popular that it is one of Dulux’s best-selling tones. Again, it works with everything and adds a warm touch to your living space. When it comes to furnishings and home accessories, this shade of white is a no-brainer and elegantly supports more colourful and strong items. So let’s be clean, chic and classic this month and let’s check out  what we can do with Jasmine White.

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