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White Flowers

White Flowers

It is Friday and it is my flower day! Let me explain. I love interiors and am always on the hunt for new and unusual pieces to transform my home. But one essential item I always need in my house, are fresh flowers. So every Friday morning, I go to my local flower shop and kit myself out with flowers. And I am taking flowers! Flowers for the hallway, flowers for the kitchen, flowers for the living room, for the bedroom and if I am in the mood even for my bathroom! I not only love to buy flowers for myself, I also love to give flowers to friends and family. Such a simple gesture and always puts a smile on people’s faces! The scent, the petals, the shape of leaves are just so beautiful and trigger happy emotions, heighten feelings of life satisfaction and affect social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed. And let’s face it, they are a relatively reasonable way to make a statement or transform a room and make people happy! Research even suggests that people work more effectively in a room with flowers. But I am not very experimental when it comes to flowers. Yes, in spring I go for fresh spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils in a variety of colours and at the moment I love peonies (especially the scented ones), but very often I go for simple white flowers. Tulips, roses, peonies and of course lilies. They are classic, elegant and always work! So as we are in the month of June, outdoors is lush and green and we are featuring Jasmine White as our colour of the month, I will share with you some white flower arrangements that are truly stunning.  



 Images courtesy of: Floral Art LA, Absolute Flowers & Home, Wild At Heart, Only Roses

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