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Eva Sonaike's Domestika Course

Eva Sonaike's Domestika Course

We are proud to announce that our Founder & Creative Director Eva Sonaike’s first online course is launching on Domestika today.

In case you are not familiar with Domestika, Domestika is the fastest-growing creative community where the best creative experts share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses. It all started as an online forum and a small but a dynamic showcase of creative professionals, designed to help them connect and learn from each other.

Today, Domestika’s online community is home to millions of people from around the world who are curious and passionate about learning new creative skills.

Eva’s course African-Inspired Interior Design: Explore Color and Pattern combines her favourite topics of colour& pattern, interiors and African design. 

African-Inspired Interior Design: Explore Color and Pattern – A course by Eva Sonaike from Domestika on Vimeo.

The great thing about African design is that you don’t have to sacrifice vibrancy for luxury; the two go hand in hand.

In this course, she teaches you how to bring bold, African-inspired patterns and colours into your interior spaces. Discover how to decorate a space from scratch and give your home a cultural flair full of pattern and texture. 

Begin by getting to know Eva. She talks through the journey that saw her go from an editorial career to founding her own interior and textile design firm. Find out about the influences which inspire her work and the products she designs before taking a look at what you can expect from the course.

Dive into the importance of colour and how it can be used in the home to promote wellbeing and reflect your personality. Then learn about basic pattern theory and how to incorporate patterns into your interiors without them being overwhelming. Eva shares her advice for where to find accessories that are ethically sourced before explaining how to use mood boards as a tool to visualize your ideas. Get a run-through of how to plan your room design, taking into account budget, space, time frame, and more.

Learn to add colour, pattern, and cultural influences to your home. Eva takes you through how to put what you’ve learned into practice in your hallway, bathroom, office, bedroom, living room, and outdoor space.

Discover how to maintain your home to keep it looking stylish and fresh. Then, learn to make small, seasonal adjustments to your interior, from moving furniture to adding different textures. To finish the course, Eva talks you through how you can transform the atmosphere of your home through scent.

This course is for anyone who loves patterns and colour who would like to incorporate them into their home. It’s also suited to anyone interested in adding a cultural flair to their space.

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