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Embrace Autumn's Palette: Elevate Your Home with a Seasonal Refresh

Embrace Autumn's Palette: Elevate Your Home with a Seasonal Refresh

As autumn dawns, marking the arrival of a new season, I find myself torn between my affection for the rejuvenating hues of spring – the fresh greens, delicate lilacs, and soft pinks – and the earthier tones that characterise autumn. At Eva Sonaike, we embrace this seasonal change with a captivating twist. We're exploring innovative ways to play with patterns, textures, colours, and contrasts to create a unique and inviting atmosphere for your home.

Autumn is an undeniable time when we long for a cosy and welcoming ambience, especially as we spend more time indoors. To achieve this warmth and comfort, consider incorporating tactile elements into your decor. Often overlooked, texture can significantly impact your design scheme, adding warmth, character, and cosiness to your room.


Incorporating texture into an autumn interior design scheme is pivotal in achieving a visually captivating and sensory-rich ambience. Start by introducing tactile elements through your choice of furnishings and textiles, opting for plush, textured upholstery in warm tones.


Don't forget that layering is key; adorn your seating and beds with sumptuous throws and plush cushions to create inviting focal points. To add depth and dimension, introduce textural elements through decorative accessories like hammered metal accents, rustic wood finishes, and handcrafted ceramics. This interplay of textures will evoke a cosy, autumnal atmosphere that elevates your interior design to a sophisticated, professional level.


As daylight diminishes, our homes crave both warmth and illumination. Consider lampshades as the perfect autumn accessory. Layered lighting, including table lamps, wall-mounted fixtures, and even candlelight, can transform your space into a snug retreat.

Our Kano lampshades draw inspiration from the architectural elegance of Hausa design and infuse your home with a warm glow, thanks to their antique mirrored lining. You'd be surprised to know that your favourite vase can be transformed into a lamp-base by a certified electrician, adding diverse materials to your living space and shaping your home's colour and texture scheme.


For an autumnal colour update and layered warmth, rugs are another tactile furnishing option. Consider hardwood with a distressed finish or textured area rugs in natural fibres like jute or wool. Our Ona rug in a soothing grey tone and the Copper Batik Rug from the Aburi collection both feature distinct designs that create warm and cosy focal points in your space. Additionally, their soft, textured surfaces offer inviting warmth underfoot.


The quintessential autumnal hues of brown and orange find their perfect expression in our patterns. The Ijoba cushion in elegant copper incorporates a classic autumn colour combination of brown, orange, and ivory, making it a visually striking addition to your decor. The luxurious brown velvet finish on the piping adds a touch of opulence. As a contrast, our orange Ife cushion in beige and orange with its bright yellow fringing brings a touch of autumn vibrancy and glow to your home during the colder months, while the yellow Ayo pouffe in bright yellow and black provides a fresh alternative to your autumn home.

Textiles are not only visually pleasing but also sensory delights, making them perfect for infusing warmth into your home during the chilly seasons. With longer hours of darkness in winter, our living spaces benefit from bright and joyful reminders.

So, this autumn, step into a world of colour, texture, and style. Elevate your home with thoughtful design choices that not only celebrate the season but also make every day a visual and tactile delight.

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