Kano Collection

Ayo Lampshade Khaki


ayo (Yoruba): Joy 

The beautiful Ayo lampshade from Eva Sonaike’s Kano collection features a circular design that represents joy and movement. Ayo celebrates the ornate designs of Hausa architecture from northern Nigeria and with its khaki grey batik base and black and pink intricate details will be a focal point in any setting.

Handmade in London, the lampshade is lined with flame retardant white lining & finished with a hand-rolled edge.

Perfect for use as a table lamp or ceiling light the yellow Ayo lampshade will add a touch of colour to any living space.

This ornate lampshade celebrates an African cultural heritage, whilst injecting your home with its unique design and bold colour.


Additional Information

• Material: 100% cotton

• Lampshade only, suitable for table lamp

• Dimensions: ø35xH24cm

• White lining

• Made in the UK.

• Lampshades are all made to order and come with international fittings. (Please note international fittings are not universal, so may not be compatible with your fixtures - if you are concerned, please contact us for further information)