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5 Easy Steps To Adjust Your Home To The Winter Season

5 Easy Steps To Adjust Your Home To The Winter Season

We love interiors and we love colour here at Eva Sonaike. That’s why we went as far as Rio (Alberto Pinto’s Rio Apartment), Manhattan (Amanda Nisbet’s Manhattan Townhouse) and wrote our Colour Guide to bring you some inspiring ideas on how to introduce colour to your home.

So it is a given to introduce you to some cosy and colourful winter homes this week.

If you are a summer lover like myself and don’t want to make drastic changes to adjust your home to the winter season, here are 5 easy steps that won’t break your budget.


Lighting within the home is an important factor, particularly in winter, as we have shorter days and longer nights. Our mood and well-being depend on the exposure of light, but as winter is a naturally darker season in most parts of the world, we don’t want to recreate a summery mood with too much bright lighting. So make sure you equip yourself with some dimmable lights and switch on small mood lighting around the house that creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. Have a look at our recent blog article for some luxury lighting ideas for your winter home.


Introduce a pop of colour into your interiors with the help of cushions, bedding, vases, curtains and even chairs for the more adventurous, that can transform the home for the winter season. Colours such as warm marsala, blood orange, mustard  and emerald green are great for the colder month, as they are earthy, warm and cosy.


If you want to add texture and warmth and make your rooms feel cosier, change your rugs in winter! I love fluffy flokati rugs and thick and soft Berber rugs . Have a look at our African rugs article for more ideas.


I have a set of scented candles and diffusers for spring and summer, and a  set of autumn and winter. In winter I love warm and Christmas-inspired scents such as warm fig and chocolatey scents. My absolute favourite winter scent this year is illa & Tobacco by Epoh Ireti.


Adding rich coloured velvet throws and cushions allows any space to feel warm, homely and welcoming. If you want more form and personality, add some patterned textiles. Try teaming this look with gold (candles and vases work well) as it adds to the warm glow nicely.

These few changes can have an overall impact on how your space feels and you are well on your way to achieving a cosy and pretty winter look in your home!

Have a look at these rooms below and I am sure you will find some inspiration on how to cosy up your home this winter.

The fireplace adds a cosy feel to the room


Love the soft cream combined with the wood in this cozy Chalet

The marble fireplace adds a sense of luxury to any interior


I love the African Fulani blanket. It fits in perfectly.

The layering and textures make this bedroom perfect for winter.



Dark tones with accents of orange will brighten any winter home

Purple is such an elegant colour for a winter home and the velvet makes it even more cozy

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