Kano Collection

Imole Tray Sage


Pre-Order Now: Available from Mid-July! Secure your Sage Imole Tray in time for your summer gatherings and add a touch of joy to your celebrations!

Discover the Imole Sage Tray, a beacon of light ('Imole' in Yoruba) and elegance in your home decor. Crafted by London interior and textile designer Eva Sonaike, this tray embodies the bright colours and vibrant patterns of our Kano collection. Drawing inspiration from the ornate decorations of Hausa buildings in Kano, Nigeria, the sage green and purple palette of this tray will captivate and charm, creating an exquisite focal point in any room.

Expertly designed to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, the Imole Sage Tray is made from durable birch wood, making it a versatile choice for serving guests or displaying as a decorative item. Whether you're looking to add a splash of colour to your table decoration or seeking an elegant piece to complement your interiors, this tray delivers both beauty and practicality.

Choose the Imole Sage Tray for a unique addition to your home, reflecting the best of African-inspired design and contemporary craftsmanship. Elevate your decor with this stunning piece that not only serves as a practical household item but also as a work of art, enhancing the ambience of your living environment.