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Ife Tea Tray Blue


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Introducing the Ife Blue Tea Tray, a symbol of serene elegance and sophisticated design. This beautifully handcrafted tray, coming in a tranquil blue shade, is the epitome of luxury in a compact form. Measuring 27x20cm, it is perfectly sized for those cherished moments of the day, from serving an afternoon tea to hosting an evening with wine. Beyond its serving capabilities, this versatile tray also offers an elegant solution for displaying perfume bottles or organizing jewelry on your dressing table.

Made with the utmost care in Sweden, the Ife Blue Tea Tray is constructed from high-quality birch wood, ensuring durability and longevity. The tranquil blue color, inspired by the rich heritage and aesthetic elegance of African design, brings a touch of calm and sophistication to any setting. Its design is not only practical but also imbued with the cultural richness that Eva Sonaike is renowned for, making every use a luxurious experience.

Fully dishwasher safe, this tray combines ease of care with elegance, making it as practical as it is beautiful. Whether you are looking to add a splash of color to your daily routine or seeking a unique piece to elevate your home decor, the Ife Blue Tea Tray is a choice that promises to enhance your living space with its serene beauty and functional design.

Choose the Ife Blue Tea Tray for a refined touch to your everyday life, where functionality meets artistry, and every moment is an opportunity for elegance. It's more than just a tray; it's a journey to a more serene and sophisticated lifestyle.