Kano Collection

Ayo Yellow Napkins - Set of 4


Introducing the Ayo Yellow Napkin Set, an embodiment of 'Ayo' (meaning 'Joy' in Yoruba) from the vibrant Kano Collection by London textile designer Eva Sonaike. This napkin set is a testament to the joy and dynamism found in traditional African art and architecture, featuring a captivating circular design that symbolizes movement and happiness.

Our Ayo Yellow Napkins measure 45x45cm, and come in a set of four, perfect for versatile table settings, from casual brunches to elegant dinners. 

Drawing inspiration from the ornate designs characteristic of Hausa architecture in northern Nigeria, the Ayo fabric combines a bright yellow batik base with intricate black and blue details. This unique blend of colours and patterns brings a lively and joyful energy to any table setting, making every meal a celebration.

Crafted for those who appreciate the beauty of cultural heritage and the power of vibrant design, the Ayo Yellow Napkins are perfect for adding a pop of colour and a touch of African artistry to your home. Whether you're hosting a festive gathering or enjoying a quiet dinner, these napkins serve as a beautiful reminder of the joy that good company and good design can bring to our lives.

Pair the Ayo Yellow Napkins with simple tableware to let their bold design stand out, or mix and match with other pieces from Eva Sonaike’s Kano collection for a rich, layered look that speaks to your personal style. Elevate your dining experience with this joyful set, designed to inspire and delight.