Kano Collection

Alafia Tray Green


Pre-Order Now: Available from Mid-July! Secure your Green Alafia Tray in time for your summer gatherings and add a touch of elegance to your celebrations!

Elevate your gatherings with the elegant green Alafia Tray, a symbol of harmony and sophistication from Eva Sonaike's tabletop collection.

Handcrafted in Sweden from durable birch wood, this 39cm circular tray is not only a functional masterpiece but also a vibrant piece of art. Inspired by the serene beauty of "Alafia" (peace in Yoruba) and the intricate geometric patterns of Hausa architecture in Kano, Nigeria, it showcases a stunning purple design with green highlights.

Its generous size makes it versatile for entertaining, ideal for serving drinks, presenting food platters, or even as a captivating centrepiece on your dining table.

Fully dishwasher safe, this tray combines the ease of modern living with the elegance of African luxury, blending cultural heritage with contemporary style to create a standout gift or addition to your home.