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Stylish Tools for Interior Decorators

Stylish Tools for Interior Decorators

Interior Decorating! A nightmare for some and a dream job for others! With all the addictive home makeover programmes on TV, some people may think the job of an interior decorator involves choosing a colour palettes and popping into some showrooms to choose fittings and furnishings. This is definitely part of the job, but often hard work, such as measuring, calculating and getting your hands dirty is more realistic. It is useful for anyone to know how to use items in the toolbox, but especially if you are dreaming of a career in interiors. And as we all love a bit of ‘cute’, even if getting your hands dirty and doing some DYI, here are my favourite stylish tools for decorators:

I absolutely love those tape measures by Mark & Graham, which are encased in soft grainy goatskin leather. They come in a variety of colours, including Kelly Green, Turquoise and Plum and at $45 are hardly a snip, but there should always be some space in life for colour and a bit of extravagance and these products definitely fit the bill!

Scissors are an often over-looked, yet ever-present and a much-needed tool. Their function is simple yet unique; nothing replaces a good pair of scissors for those jobs that, well, only a pair of scissors can do. I love these solid, gold plated scissors by Ernest Wright and Son.

Ernest Wright & Son is a family owned scissors manufacturing company based in Sheffield - the birthplace of stainless steel. The company was established in 1902 and have been making quality, hand finished scissors ever since.

A key tool for anyone working with colours is the Pantone FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colour Guide that includes 2,310 PANTONE Colours on paper for designing fashion accessories, home furnishings, cosmetics, products, paints, interiors and more. The TPG colours are ideal for specifying colours on all products, i.e. textiles, leather goods or hard home. A must have for anyone who loves colourful interiors like me!

And have a look at this cute tool from Schoolhouse. Crafted from durable tempered steel with a knurled, solid brass handle, this four-in-one design provides a claw hammer and three removable screwdrivers - a large Phillips head and two small flat blades. Very practical if you need to fix something quickly,  but don’t want to carry a heavy toolbox around.

Yes, I know we live in electronic times with smartphones managing most of our organisational needs. But nothing beats a great notebook! I love sketching, taking notes or just scribbling down thoughts. Our netbooks come filled with lined and plain paper, which is great for sketching as well as taking notes. Have a look at our website for more colour options.

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