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Peach Fuzz: Embracing Pantone's Colour of the Year in African Inspired Interiors

Peach Fuzz: Embracing Pantone's Colour of the Year in African Inspired Interiors

In the world of interior design, colour is a powerful tool that can transform spaces and evoke emotions. This year, the gentle fusion of pink and orange known as Peach Fuzz has taken centre stage as Pantone's Colour of the Year. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of this vibrant program, let's explore how this soft and heartfelt hue effortlessly aligns with Eva Sonaike's essence—a brand synonymous with colour and luxurious African-inspired home decor.

Peach Fuzz goes beyond mere aesthetics; it resonates deeply, symbolising a desire for kindness and a profound sense of cosiness. In the context of African-inspired interior design, Peach Fuzz becomes a transformative addition, seamlessly integrating with the nuanced colour palette derived from the vibrant heritage of the continent. Inspired by the warm, earthy tones found in traditional African crafts and the dynamic colours of lively urban spaces, Peach Fuzz takes on a unique identity within the rich and varied context of African design.

Discover the perfect harmony of colour at, your curated hub of exquisite African-inspired home decor. Pantone's Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz, seamlessly integrates with our diverse collections, serving as a neutral and versatile backdrop.

For instance, experience comfort with our Asa Collection, available on These luxurious velvet additions not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also bring tranquillity to your space, showcasing the perfect fusion of Peach Fuzz with authentic African textiles.

If you're seeking a bolder pattern for a fresh perspective, explore our green Aluro design, harmonising effortlessly with the pink and orange tones of Peach Fuzz—offering a refreshing take for spring and summer.

For a complete tropical ambiance, explore our captivating Aburi pattern, available in both yellow and copper variants. Combined with Peach Fuzz, the yellow pattern brings a vibrant and bold Miami-inspired feel, injecting energy and zest into your space. On the other hand, the copper design offers a more subdued and calming atmosphere, presenting a sophisticated twist to the tropical theme. These distinctive variations in our Aburi pattern combined with Peach Fuzz provide you with the flexibility to choose the mood that best suits your personal style and desired ambiance.

Celebrate the beauty of African culture as Peach Fuzz effortlessly blends with our colourful offerings, infusing a contemporary touch suitable for a variety of modern living spaces.

As design enthusiasts, Peach Fuzz has become one of our favourite colours here at Eva Sonaike. Its light and refreshing tone resonate with a sense of calm crucial in today's chaotic world. Introducing Peach Fuzz into your home isn't just about following a trend; it's about curating a space that nurtures well-being and fosters connections.

Step into the new year with Peach Fuzz guiding your journey through African-inspired interior design. This colour transcends trends, aligning seamlessly with the rich vibrancy of the continent. Embrace kindness, compassion, and connection in your living spaces, with as your companion on this transformative design adventure. With Peach Fuzz, create a haven that not only reflects your style but radiates the warmth of a peaceful and connected future in African interiors.

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