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How to incorporate African baskets into your interiors

How to incorporate African baskets into your interiors

We love African baskets here at Eva Sonaike and recently introduced you to our favourite basket companies from the African continent that use traditional techniques to create eye-catching pieces. 

Due to their contemporary and highly expressive art form, African baskets can offer an innovative and statement-making element to your interiors. Their size, design, texture and colour make them suitable for various design schemes, from industrial to boho chic and traditional to minimalist. We will show you our five favourite ways to add African baskets to the design scheme of your home, that suit various design styles -  so something for everyone.


When we think of wall art, we often have art such as drawings, paintings, and photographs in mind. But have you ever considered using African baskets on your walls? 

They are a great design solution when it comes to uplifting blank walls, as despite their small size and simple form they can fill a whole room with vibrancy and character. 

The easiest way to display them is to group them as a set. Having a variety of sizes in complementing patterns and textures, creates a statement without overloading the room. 

To execute this style, use woven baskets in a variety of sizes. Group them in an asymmetrical arrangement on a focal point, or part of the wall you want to decorate. An example could be the beautifully woven African Binga baskets by Tonga women in the Binga district of Zimbabwe. One of our favourite design bloggers, Dabito of Old Brand New, has some great ideas for inspiration (we love his work and understanding of colour). 

Another great find is the Abstract Masks by the Malawi charity People of the Sun. Although not strictly baskets, they offer a bold statement on any wall and can be easily integrated into any space in the home. 

We particularly like placing abstract masks in the hallway as they make great entry pieces, that set the theme of your home. The shapes, patterns and overall design, can tell a whole story.



I’m sure storage is a pain point for many homeowners, especially here in London, where we are always on the hunt for more storage and space to organise our belongings. If you are struggling with the lack of in-build space or enough rooms, African baskets are your solution! Their design and elegant style, convey a modern yet rustic look and due to their size, you can use them as an elegant storage option.

The BabaTree company have a stunning collection of large, sustainable storage baskets, that have been beautifully handmade. Bolga artisans have used natural elephant grass to create their unique shape, combined with an array of vibrant colours.

The baskets can either be used on their own or grouped in spaces like the bedroom to create the maximum impact in style, as the patterns compliment each other.

If you are looking for a storage solution that creates a bold statement without  too much colour, the ‘People of the Sun’ have another perfect solution for you. Their  neatly hand-woven storage baskets are very minimalistic and easily complement any space while providing that extra bit of storage space. 

The AAKS floor storage baskets are also a great use for storage and organisation in the home. They can be used to store towels or toys in any space. 



I am sure you agree with me that African baskets are expressive, distinctive, and striking. They can be used purely for display or decorative purposes, and don’t necessarily have to be serving a particular function. 

Handwoven and made from natural materials by extraordinary artisan weavers in Bolga, are the BabaTree ‘Jemima 10 Cows’ baskets. These baskets can be displayed in any space throughout the house to make a statement. They convey a message and feeling of warmth, elegance and brightness. 

If you are looking to fill space in your home with something decorative and eye-catching, the Ilala cross-weave basket, and The Namibian basket are great options. Placed on the dining table, kitchen island or bedside table, they add a decorative, yet cultural element to the room with their natural style.    



Biophilic design is getting more popular with natural resources to create a sense of harmony between modern architecture and the natural world.

In everyday life that means bringing plants and natural elements inside the house as they convey a calm and inviting atmosphere. 

While plants and flowers grow and flourish beautifully, quite often we are left with a pot that doesn’t match the same energy. This is where the multifunctional African Baskets can come into play, as you can select the design to match or complement interiors. Here at Eva Sonaike, we can’t get enough of these BabaTree baskets!

Handwoven drum baskets by the incredible artisans in the Bolga community are a great option for your indoor greenery. From housing flower plants to large indoor plants, they have a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Perfect if you want to add a touch of elegance and charm to your home. 

 La Basketry Senegalese handwoven mini baskets, offer great storage for miniature house plants or refreshing succulents, as well as Ilala Baby Nongo gourds baskets.

The radiance and vibrancy from the weave will enhance the beauty of your plants, and brighten up your interior. To keep the quality of your basket, be sure to put a plastic plant pot with a saucer inside the basket to avoid mould and water spillage.



African baskets are commonly known to be used for shopping due to them being sturdy and environmentally friendly, much better than plastic bags! Their innovative designs, vibrant colours, and consistent quality make them a great use for shopping, as well as a stunning fashion statement.

Sisal Baskets by the Kenyan Crafts Company are a perfect example for your everyday shopping. Expertly woven by women artisans in rural Kenya, they are a beautiful craft and piece of art.

The BabaTree also offers a wide selection of unique, handwoven African market baskets that can be used for shopping. No need to worry about the size of your shopping, these oval round baskets come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to fit any requirement. 


African baskets have a varied design style, use and function so the question is why not incorporate these historical yet contemporary innovative objects into your home and everyday life? With the wide array of designs and colours available, you have many options to choose from. If you want to find out where to source African baskets for your home from authentic makers on the African continent, have a look at our Blog post OUR FAVOURITE WOVEN BASKETS FROM THE AFRICAN CONTINENT.

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