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Great Hallway Design Or How to Make an Entrance

Great Hallway Design Or How to Make an Entrance

“Hello! Thanks so much for coming by!” “A pleasure, I always meant to pay you a visit. Oh my God, your house is amazing!” Imagine this conversation happening in your hallway!

The hallway or foyer is normally the very first room you enter in most houses, so getting it right is key!  Hallways are one of the most important rooms of the house, as you are showcasing a first impression of your designs philosophy and style, which is then continued throughout the house.

Whether you're welcoming guests for the first time or coming home after a long day at work, a great hallway should be a gateway, separating the stresses of the outside world from the haven that is your home. So even it is a non-living space, don't be tempted to relegate it to a dumping ground.

The secret of a great hallway is to make a statement, whilst keeping it simple and clean! Therefore great storage in hallways is the key. I have a beautiful vintage 'Black Forest' chest in my hallway, which houses all our everyday shoes (it is lined with rose scented lining paper, so it also acts as a source of scent). I display my West-African statues and have (always )fresh flowers in Merino or mid century glass vases underneath my hexagonal Art Deco mirror, which fits my 1930s house perfectly. This is just a glimpse, but it gives any visitor an idea of what is to come.


A great feature wall is a fantastic way to make a first impression statement about your house. Since it's not a living space, and you won't actually be spending much time here, experiment with a single bold colour or eye-catching wallpaper, coupled with a large mirror and lots of ornamental pieces. Avoid plain white walls as they get dirty easily. Hard wearing runners are good here, though again you want to think about a colour on which general dirt won't stand out.


Don't forget your front door; the outside, as well as inside. Do you want your hallway to be flooded with light, choose a door with a glass element? If you want more privacy,  choose a solid door. The style and condition of your front door say a lot about your house, so make sure to consider this when choosing a door.

 Looking at the images below, there is so much you can do to 'make an entrance’. Console tables work very well and you can accessorize with fresh plants and flowers, lamps, wallpaper and other quirky objects. Have a look and be inspired!

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Sep 26, 2017

I love your creativity keep it up. Blessings

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