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Eva Sonaike's New Kano Collection

Eva Sonaike's New Kano Collection

We are very proud to announce the launch of Eva Sonaike’s new Kano collection , which takes the essence of Hausa buildings in Kano, Northern Nigeria’s largest city and an ancient trading place inhabited for over a thousand years, serving as the southmost point of the Trans Saharan trade routes in pre-colonial Africa.

Kano is the largest city in northern Nigeria with a busy atmosphere and a population of around 2 million inhabitants - the joy is in the people and the buzz of the streets. The city is predominantly Muslim with a small percentage of Christians and traditional religions.

Now a national heritage site is popular for its traditional arts and crafts, including weaving and indigo cloth dyeing and its distinct Hausa architectural style, adorning the external decorations of buildings with intricate motifs and patterns, that front upon the street and are visible from afar - an integral part of how Hausa people construct a sense of connection with their physical environment.

Eva Sonaike interprets these intricate motifs of this ancient African art form into an elegant collection that fuses cultural heritage with contemporary design.

For KANO, Eva Sonaike stays true to her motto ‘Bringing Colour to Life’, choosing two colour ways to add more versatility to the collection. The first set comes in vibrant hues of bright pink and yellow, orange, fresh green and turquoise that make a bold statement in any environment. The second set is dominated by a more subtle colour story of khaki, warm orange, purple and sage green that easily blend into contemporary interiors. 

The Yoruba names of ayo (joy), idunu (happiness), alafia (peace), imole (light) and ife (love) evoke a feeling of celebration and a sense of positivity that is injected via the vibrant colours and bold patterns of the KANO collection.

Product offering includes Eva Sonaike’s signature cushions, with new fringed trimmings in complementary colours, the comfortable pouffes, the handmade lampshades and our Lancashire-made wallpapers, as well as the fabrics by the meter for both residential and contract interiors. New this season is Eva Sonaike's new home decor range, featuring stunning wall art, baskets, mirrors and colourful Christmas wreaths, perfect for gifts or a treat to yourself..

The KANO collection is ornate and colourful, symbolising the climax of celebrating an African cultural heritage that reigns inherently in the typology and morphology of these ancient buildings.

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