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How To Add Style And Colour To Your Office

How To Add Style And Colour To Your Office

Did you know that on average we spend a total of 40 to 60 hours a week at work? I know...That’s why creating an office that you feel most comfortable in and boosts your productivity and creativity is crucial! An office space says a lot about someone's personality, style and job role, whether it is a loft studio space or corporate office. Here are our key tips on how to create an office that helps you achieve the best of your abilities in an inspiring surrounding that suits you.


The first step is to decide what the function of your office is. Is it a creative space, where you come for inspiration, do you have to hold regular meetings with your clients or do you have to read through documents and paragraphs and need a space that is calm and non-distracting? Depending on the main purpose of your office, you can decide what look you want to go for, whether it is a glamorous feminine office or a minimalist downtown open space.


Research had proven that colour boosts happiness, productivity and creativity! So adding colour to your workspace will have a major impact on the quality of your work.

Start with a neutral palette such as clean white walls, as they create an illusion of space and then introduce colour by adding a feature wall that can be layered with bright art, prints or a solid colour that will add dimension and bring the room to life.

Colour can also be added with the help of a colourful carpet or bold furniture pieces such as the pair of mint green Talisman swivel chair, that will make a statement in any room.


A very important rule in creating a stylish office environment is to de-clutter. We recently threw out folders and folders from our studio, as most of our documents are now filed electronically. So the first step is to look at which physical documents do you really need in your office, the rest should go into the shredder!

Bookshelves are a  great way of storing documents, whilst at the same time displaying decorative items. This gives any office space a personal touch and makes it unique to its occupant.



Lighting plays a big part in creating an ambience, which is why we recommend, apart from the general overhead halogen sort lights, to have two types of light sources in an office.

A desk light, for when you have to work up close and an eye-catching floor lamp, which adds light to the whole room. Both add functionality and style to your office. Remember to choose a lamp that will complement the accessories and go with the overall design and colour scheme in the office.



Accessorising is very important in completing any look. A metallic organiser or colourful stationery put into a chic hexagon pencil holder will make create a unique look. Acrylic storage is a great way to give your desk a stylish yet organised look, such as a decorative box file with gold detail combined with an aluminium card case for all your business cards. If you want to bring a bit of the outside in, add a colourful vase filled with flowers or an exotic plant to your workspace.


Last but not least, comfort is important in any environment,especially in the workplace, as you spend most of your day in the office. Having a good quality chair with a desk that is the right level of height is crucial in helping you achieve your best. Adding personal comfort can also encourage a better-working atmosphere such as scented candles for a warm touch or personal images in a beautiful frame.

As we are often stuck in front of our computers all day or attend hour-long meetings it is important to have regular fresh air. If you have the chance to have a walk around the park near your office, try to do so as regular as possible and make the most of it as you will be surprised how refreshing and vitalising this can be.



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