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Embracing Green as the New Neutral

Embracing Green as the New Neutral

Hello there, design enthusiasts! Welcome to a fresh perspective on colourful African interiors. In this post, we're about to dive into the 'green scene' of interior design. Yes, you read that right — green is the new neutral, and I'm thrilled to share some practical insights on integrating this versatile hue into your home's colour scheme.

Understanding Green as a Neutral in Interior Design

Imagine green and you might envision the lush landscapes of the English countryside or a vibrant tropical garden, depending on your locale. It forms the backdrop of our world, visible from jungles to domestic gardens. A lack of exposure to natural greenery can impact our mental health, which underscores its significance in our daily lives — and is precisely why I dislike the UK winter.

In the realm of interior design, however, green is moving from the background to the forefront. Its intrinsic connection with nature makes it a natural pick for a foundational element in interior design, justifying its status as a new neutral. That's right, it's not just for accent walls anymore!

The Spectrum of Neutral Green

Picture green not just as a single colour, but as a palette of possibilities. From the freshness of cool limes to the understated elegance of pastel peridots, and from the depth of olive to the tranquillity of eucalyptus, each shade narrates a different story. Lighter greens, such as sage or mint, carry an airy quality that can open up a space, making it appear larger and more inviting.

Incorporating Light Greens for Spatial Harmony

For those seeking a neutral yet distinctive wall colour, light greens provide a compelling choice beyond the traditional whites or creams. They offer all the visual benefits of these classic neutrals — enhancing natural light, expanding the perception of space — while also bringing in a subtle vitality. Plus, they're more forgiving when it comes to hiding the occasional smudge or two (because life happens).

Pattern Play with Green

Let's delve into patterns. Exploring patterns in green shows its ability to transform and elevate interiors with a touch of African inspiration.

Our asa wallpaper in Sage is an ode to the verdant landscapes of West Africa, blending cool hues with a subtle pattern to create a statement piece for design lovers. It's where the serenity of nature meets the sophistication of decor. In contrast, the green Wewe cushion reflects the lushness of Ghana's Aburi Botanical Gardens, with intricate patterns of foliage and petal stems woven into an elegant design that captivates without overwhelming the senses. It strikes a balance between boldness and refinement, echoing the complex beauty of African flora.

Further enriching the narrative of green in African interior design is our hand-made Alafia pouffe, crafted in the United Kingdom. It pays tribute to the ornate architectural artistry of Hausa buildings in Kano, Northern Nigeria. Adorned with an African-inspired pattern that artfully combines purples with greens, the Alafia pouffe stands as a testament to durability for everyday use while maintaining aesthetic allure. Its design is a celebration of African artistry merged with modern functionality, making it a stylish yet practical addition to contemporary interiors.


The Intersection of Green and Luxury

Our dedication to luxury is reflected in our commitment to quality design, fabrication, and materials. Each cushion is created with the finest fabric printing techniques and finishes, including a sumptuous duck feather filling, to ensure a product that is as opulent as it is enduring.

There you have it — green in all its neutral splendour, ready to revitalize your space with the spirit of African vibrancy. Give green a chance to be the unsung hero of your home palette!

In conclusion, applying green as a neutral in interior design is more than a mere trend — it's a strategic choice rooted in colour harmony and well-being. Positioned on the colour wheel between the warmth of yellow and the calm of blue, green naturally complements a variety of colour schemes, offering versatility in design. This balance makes it an ideal backdrop for the warm and vibrant hues typical of African interiors, where it enhances other colours without competing for attention.

In African interior design, known for its energetic patterns and rich colours, green serves as a serene anchor, providing a visual rest and adding a subtle elegance to the space. Embracing green as a neutral allows for a design that is not only beautiful but also adaptable and comforting. It mirrors the equilibrium and grace inspired by Africa's natural landscapes, underpinning designs with the essence of the continent's rich aesthetic.


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