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Celebrating Spring's Palette: The Essence of Renewal in Colour

Celebrating Spring's Palette: The Essence of Renewal in Colour

Welcome to the vibrant season of renewal! Say farewell to the cold, muted tones of winter and embrace the lively spirit of spring in your life and home! The blooming season brings a palette of inspiration that can revitalise your space with just a few thoughtful touches in fabrics, soft furnishings and fresh flowers.

Spring is synonymous with a spectrum of colours: think verdant greens, sky blues, soft oranges, playful pinks, and sunny yellows. Let’s have a look at them.

Green: The Fresh Start

In the realm of design, green is nature’s backdrop, a versatile performer that brings the freshness of the outdoors into our homes. From the soft whisper of our light green Aluro and Imole cushions, in a soothing mint green, are ideal for easing the transition from winter's chill to spring's warmth to our Wewe and Alafia cushions in vibrant greens reflecting the season's full bloom, while the Ijoba cushion's tropical green hints at the upcoming summer joys - green renews the spirit of our spaces.

Lilac: The Quiet Retreat

Lilac offers a moment of peace among the vibrant spring chorus. Its gentle tone acts like a pause, calming the mind and softening the room with its understated elegance.

Consider our asa Lilac wallpaper, with its gentle purple hues and delicate patterning, transforming your walls into a canvas of tranquillity. Pair it with the comfort of the Ala Purple cushion, and create a niche of serenity where you can retreat and savour the quietude that lilac inspires. These elements serve not merely as decor but as a sanctuary within your home, an invitation to unwind in the soft embrace of elegance and peace.

Yellow: The Bright Spark

Bright yellows are like bursts of sunlight through the clouds, bringing warmth, happiness, and an infectious optimism that can’t help but herald the sunny days to come. Introduce our Ayo pouffe in an inviting yellow or the asa gold wallpaper in a regal yellow to capture the gentle warmth of spring. And for those who plan ahead, the Oba yellow wallpaper, with its lion design creates an impactful statement wall for the summer month.

The Transformative Power of Blooms

My time as a judge on Interflora’s Great British Bloom Off has shown me the enchanting effect flowers have on a place. Yet, it’s the West African-inspired fabrics that offer a permanent bloom within your home. These textiles carry the essence of spring’s joy and the timeless elegance that will ensure your space always feels alive and inviting.

Welcoming the Season with Open Arms

As you embrace the season, remember that our curated collections at Eva Sonaike are designed to let you mix and match, creating a seamless flow of colour and design. With our exclusive bundle deals, it’s easy to bring coordinated joy into your interiors, ensuring a springtime feel that lasts all year round.


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