Kano Collection

Ayo Yellow Coasters - Set of 4


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Introducing the Ayo Yellow Coaster Set, where each piece serves as a mini tray, infusing 'Ayo' (joy) into your daily life. This set of four coasters, each 11cm in diameter, is designed to brighten your home with its radiant yellow hue and African-inspired patterns. Handcrafted with precision in Sweden from durable birch wood, these coasters are part of a collection that celebrates the vibrancy of life and the warmth of sunshine.

The Ayo Yellow Coaster Set is not only practical, offering a perfect spot for your drinks, but also versatile, serving as a charming way to display jewellery or as an eye-catching decorative piece on your table or nightstand. The joyful yellow design, highlighted with intricate patterns, reflects the aesthetic richness of African artistry, making these mini tray coasters a delightful addition to any setting.

Fully dishwasher safe, these coasters combine functionality with effortless style, ensuring they are as easy to care for as they are beautiful to behold. Whether you're enjoying a quiet cup of tea, hosting a lively gathering, or looking for a chic solution to organize small personal items, the Ayo Yellow Coaster Set brings a touch of joy and a pop of color to your space.

Elevate your tabletop decor with the Ayo Yellow Coaster Set, designed to add a vibrant and joyful touch to your home. These mini tray coasters are a testament to the beauty of embracing everyday moments with a spirit of 'Ayo', making them an essential addition for those who cherish both design and functionality.